Mobile Platform This category is for all topics related to running Amethyst-based games on mobile platforms. The primary focus is iOS and Android, but can include any OS meant for portable devices. Infrastructure and Release Management All things related to CI/CD, automation, servers, and hosting. It also covers all things involved in Release Management, such as building for platforms, schedules, announcements, etc. UI The UI category is dedicated to the user interface related systems and design questions. Task board: Editor and Tools In the editor and tools category you can discuss all sorts of tooling surrounding the engine itself. While the editor isn’t made yet, it’s the primary subject of conversations here, mainly because of its size. If you have any ideas or thoughts about it, this is where you put those thoughts! Documentation This category is for the Documentation Team to talk, plan, and, well, document things. Engine The engine category covers topics such as how the various parts of Amethyst fit together. Whether it’s physics, animation, sound, or documentation, post it here! If there are other topics that don’t fit in any other category, you may use this. Scripting This category is for all topic related to integration of scripting languages into the engine. This covers discussion over the engine API, the implementation of new languages and language-specific questions. Audio Regarding the development of Amethyst’s audio systems. Web The web category is one small but fancy little category, mostly concerning things like styling and server stuff. If you’re just visiting the forums for game development, this isn’t the place to go. If you are interested in web stuff however, you’ll feel right at home. Rendering The rendering category is where you can discuss all your interesting pixels you have produced (or want to produce) with others. If you have a rendering technique you would like to see implemented, have other general feedback or want to open an RFC for rendering, this is the place to go to! Networking This category is for discussion of all network and networking sync things. The most relevant crates are: and ECS For discussion about the ECS projects, including specs currently, historically nitric, and possibly in the future, legion. Preferably pertaining to their use in conjunction with Amethyst, but exceptions can be made.
Topic Replies Activity
About the Development Category 1 November 25, 2018
Adopting Atelier as the new asset crate for legion port 1 August 4, 2020
A fresh step forward P2 - The Engine 10 August 3, 2020
Future of nalgebra and math in Amethyst 16 August 2, 2020
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Engine Feedback :: An LD46 Postmortem 4 July 20, 2020
How to ues `World::create_iter`?
4 July 13, 2020
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OpenXR as external Module: Where to start? 2 July 10, 2020
Fix 3 July 8, 2020
Adding Event Channels to Pong Tutorial
5 July 1, 2020
Query on whether my use case fits well with Amethyst 3 June 29, 2020
Idiomatic Amethyst sprite/asset loading system?
1 June 25, 2020
Atelier/Legion Integration Demo 6 May 30, 2020
References between Components
3 May 24, 2020
WASM Effort 14 May 8, 2020
Suggestions for fragmentation and reliability 1 April 10, 2020
Archetypal vs Grouped ECS Architectures, my take
24 March 15, 2020
Amethyst Versioning and Release Process 4 March 11, 2020
WebAssembly Target 12 March 5, 2020
UI coordinate system
4 March 2, 2020
Performance: How to manage System priorities?
3 January 11, 2020
Scripting: What Do We Need to Get There 53 January 7, 2020
Rust Scripting Experiment 2 December 16, 2019
Rich Editing Experience Using atelier-assets and legion 1 December 9, 2019
Skepticism about Rendy 11 December 4, 2019
Amethyst renderer 1 December 1, 2019
Mechanism to sub-dispatch group of systems
16 November 16, 2019