A good way to work over ssh?

(Dawid Ciężarkiewicz) #1

Hi. I have a Linux desktop computer that has much more power, so it’s good for compiling Rust quickly, but often have to connect to it from a laptop. From what I can tell none of the amethyst backends will work with X11 forwarding.

Any recommendations what’s the best way to workaround that? VNC?

(Azriel Hoh) #2

Heya :wave:,

If compiling in release mode isn’t too much of a pain, perhaps it’s good to do that, then rsync the release binary back?

Debug mode binary can get huge, that’s why I recommend release binary (use lld for your linker, it’s much faster).

The wasm branch has rudimentary GL support1, in case that works with X11 forwarding (I don’t know).

1 application crashes if you resize the window, colour isn’t blended, among other issues