A library of components and systems


I am new here, and I thought it would be nice to have a seperate repository of systems and components implementing common game functionality.

For example, a character in a game often has things like hitpoints. It would make sense in my head to have a hitpoint system publicly available with systems implementing common behaviors like regeneration.

The idea here is that these are smaller systems on which larger games can be build. It is similar to an asset library, but with code instead of art.

I am pretty much a rookie at serious development, so I wanted to ask your opinion.

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(Fletcher) #2

We have talked at various points about something equivalent to the Unity Asset Store for both code and art. I think it is worth it, but there’s a lot of logistics and development work that would have to be done for it.



(Kae) #3

I think there’s space for a low-tech solution in the form of an “extras” GitHub repository before there’s an “asset store” in place. There are a lot of use-cases and small pieces of code that are useful to devs but may not fit in the main repository. Jojo’s extra repo is an example: https://github.com/jojolepro/amethyst-extra