A more fitting example game

Continuing the discussion from ECS Designs and The Vision of Amethyst:

Our pong example is good at walking through gamedev basics in Amethyst, but it doesn’t make a great argument for “why use ECS?”, because pong is such a simple game that it doesn’t really need it.

Conway’s Game of Life on the other hand can demonstrate the benefits of an ECS quite well:

There are two Life implementations in Amethyst out in the wild, one 2D and one 3D:

There’s also an implementation of Life in Rust WASM’s official documentation.

I think the Wiseshards tutorial above should be ported to Amethyst. Reply here or DM me if you’re interested in taking this on.

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When evoli was starting out i pretty much envisioned it to be like this. Perhaps not art wise but this can also be a good example where we can use ECS.

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That is certainly a level we’d like to get it to. I’m a big fan of low-poly art!

Evoli is a larger Showcase Game though. What I mean by example game here is the smallest possible types of games we can introduce in the very first learning stages of Amethyst, ideally with no art assets required.

Very recent entry by @jdollar: