Adopting Atelier as the new asset crate for legion port

I’m making this forum post following the discussion on discord and by a suggestion from @khionu

Currently amethyst_assets crate legion port is stuck on prefabs. Porting existing prefab system to legion is really troublesome, because it is heavily based on specs SystemData tuple to insert components into the world. This port is likely a complete rewrite of the prefab system.

Instead of wasting time reinventing old systems, we could spend the time adopting the long awaited atelier-assets. AFAIK, the implementation would be pretty straighforward and probably even faster, because and contain most of the amethyst_assets features.

More information on atelier: Atelier/Legion Integration Demo

Potential drawbacks:

  • Atelier does not support wasm yet, but it’s just a matter of time to implement alternative transport to TCP (websockets).
  • Prefab .ron files change format which is slightly less readable (see the linked thread).

Github issue: