Amethyst showcase video 2019 Q1

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I’ve made a simple showcase video by compiling all the WIPs shared so far. Music is by a friend of mine, CC licensed.

I’ve gotta add a bunch more fade-transitions and tune the timings a bit but that’s it, I’m not aiming for perfection here. This will go public in 24-72 hours.

Video is now public.


If you’d like to be credited, please reply with your details below and I’ll add it to the announcement post. Next time we do this (Q2 probably) I’ll try to do it in a more structured manner so that every piece of footage will come with a credits footnote.

Credits for 2019 Q1 video:

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@jojolepro I’ll happily add footage from your game if you can send me a video file (I don’t want to get into the habit of scraping youtube videos). @termhn would you like your PBR stuff featured?


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Hi there !

Thank you for this showreel, it’s very nice (and make me want to see more of it, which is a good sign).

To credit Autonomous Tactical Network, you can point to its website:


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Nice to see your game has a homepage now! It looks great.


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