Amethyst tag line and descriptions

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

As a subset of @Ellie’s web revamp we’re also revising some of our marketing content. This discussion means to establish consistent descriptions of Amethyst across different listings on the web.

Let’s start with the tag line.

Tag line (<10 words)


Data-driven game engine written in Rust.

It gets to the core of Amethyst’s key attraction for early adopters right now, but it overlaps heavily with the short description that follows it. A tag line can afford to be higher concept that any other description; you’re telling the premise of a story, promising the use an enjoyable tale.

Unity’s tagline:

Imagine, build and succeed with Unity

Unreal tagline:

Make something unreal

What makes Amethyst special? Rust, ECS, data-driven, modular…, this is the technical foundation that is supposed to deliver on a promise that current-gen engines can not fulfill quite to the same extent.

I’d love to hear as many takes as possible on this. Here’s mine:

Amethyst is the Cassandra of game engines. This is their tagline:

Manage massive amounts of data, fast, without losing sleep

It will be years until Amethyst is competitive in graphics, animation, physics and much, much more. But if you are setting out to build something ambitious and off the beaten path Amethyst will help you scale up however far you wanna go without getting in your way, keeping you and your code sane throughout the journey.

Based on that claim, I’ve thought of a few new tag lines so far. The first one is a shameless Ember tag line ripoff.

An engine for ambitious game developers

Create games the size of your imagination

Play with scale

Preview for the new Website (Feedback wanted!)
(Ellie Fagerberg) #2

Thank you so much for making this topic!

I mostly agree with what you’ve written except for the last part. The thing is that my vision is that Amethyst eventually will be used not only by game developers, but also by artists of different kinds. For example, one of the targets that have been brought up is film makers which I definitely don’t think we should lose track of.

I also think that having a tagline that ties back to the name (kind of like Unreal) would be really nice, especially since Amethyst doesn’t give you much context just by itself. I’m still unsure about the exact wording but I think something like this could work:

Creations shining like gems

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

Do keep in mind that no tagline is final. I’m sure Unity’s tagline has changed many times over the years. Amethyst may be of interest to an audience beyond game developers in the future, but right now it is firmly grounded in game development.

I like the tie-in to Amethyst. What’s problematic about such a tagline at this stage is that it alludes to good looks, which is not one of Amethyst’s strengths at the moment.

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(Ellie Fagerberg) #4

I’m very aware of that problem and, as I said, I’m very unsure about the precise wording and that was just something I wrote to get our thoughts going. Maybe something like “Creations sharp as gems” could work as it somewhat alludes to the engine currently having a few sharp corners while it could still be seen as a good thing.

(Hilmar Wiegand) #5

I actually really like “Play with scale”. It feels a little too simplistic, but the wordplay is fantastic on like 3 levels. Maybe another sentence “<something> with <something>” sentence before or after would round it out?

Concerning the other ideas, I’m personally against just having something overgeneralized in the vein of “make great games”, since I really think amethyst should set itself apart with its unique selling points, even when it comes to the tagline (i.e. that’s it’s safe, parallel and data-driven). I do realize that’s a preference though, not an objective criticism.

(W. Brian Gourlie) #6

One theme thing in rust and rust projects is building things “fearlessly.” In unity (or any game with a GC language) you “fear” the garbage collector, in games designed with unsafe languages you “fear” segfaults and multithreading.

I don’t have any good suggestions right now as it relates to being “fearless,” but I do think “Design without constraints” sounds good.

(Fletcher) #7

I’m sure he didn’t mean to imply that you aren’t aware. Let’s try to assume good intentions. Marketing texts are easy to change, and the community team will probably go through several iterations, as branding and marketing is ultimately that team’s responsibility.

For now, let’s try to get through launching the new website and we can have further discussions then.