Amethyst's stance on DonorBox and OpenCollective

(Khionu Sybiern) #1

It was said by @Moxinilian (sorry for tagging you a bajillion times in regards to this) that we prefer DonorBox over OpenCollective because of variables relating to taxes. I would like us to have the issue elaborated so we can:

  • Solicit with respect to this issue on the website and in communications
  • Appropriately represent OpenCollective, in how and why we use it
(Fletcher) #2

This was because, at first, OpenCollective did not have a way for us to move money out of it and into a bank account; we could only do expense reimbursement via their website. I worked out a solution with them, and it all works fine now. DonorBox and OC can be considered equally easy (or difficult, heh) for the purposes of taxation.

OC takes more of a cut of the donation, but it is really up to the donor how they want to donate. @khionu let me know if you have more questions

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(Khionu Sybiern) #3

Well, with the original issue now moot, nothing to really to wonder about. Thanks for clarifying!