Automated Build Template For Amethyst Games

(Zicklag) #1

Hey everybody, I just finished putting together a template configuration that can be used to create automated builds for your Amethyst game! The template uses the Drone CI server to automatically build your project for 64bit Windows, Mac, and Linux. Drone is hosted on the Drone Cloud free for Open Source projects so you can easily share your Amethyst game with people on GitHub.

(Azriel Hoh) #2

:open_mouth: Thank you for this. Shall be experimenting to see if drone agents are able to run tests that need Vulkan support.


Okay, it’s not possible to run tests that need vulkan on CI.

Closest build result:

[WARN][gfx_backend_vulkan] Unable to find extension: VK_EXT_debug_utils
[WARN][gfx_backend_vulkan] Unable to find layer: VK_LAYER_LUNARG_standard_validation
# ..
thread 'tests::test_0' panicked at 'Unable to enumerate adapters: ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED', src/libcore/

Essentially the available graphics cards don’t support it. Couldn’t find what card it is online, but closest pages are:

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(Zicklag) #3

Bummer. I’m not sure if it might require privileges to access the graphics hardware inside of the container or not, which you can’t do on the public cloud.

Either way, it should be possible to do, but you would have to host it on your own server.