Building an example game with Amethyst

(Thomas Schaller) #1

I’m currently organizing GH projects for Amethyst, and I discovered “Build 2D / 3D example game”.

While this is not of the highest priority, I’d like to start gathering some ideas.

Personally, I can imagine building one game that gets developed alongside Amethyst, so no “one-time development”, but one big game that showcases the engine and tracks its progress.

Going from that, we need:

  • assets (or artists willing to help)
  • name suggestions
  • ideas for the game
  • people who want to help building a game; I would like to create an extra team for those

All ideas welcome, just post them. Please try to explain them well so your idea can be understood by reading one comment, without the need to read through the whole topic (I imagine this is going to become a longer discussion).


(Fletcher) #2

General Thoughts

  1. 2D is going to be much easier than 3D.
  2. 2D is a space that is handled poorly by Unity and Unreal, but very well by Godot.
  3. We would need a clearly defined scope. I would suggest we pick a few features of Amethyst that we want to show off (the advantages of the ECS system, the resiliency, etc), and use those as design constraints.

Game Ideas

I have a few I will throw out there.


My first thought is a simulation game, similar in concept to Banished, or that disgustingly cute and fun Stardew Valley. This would allow highlighting development of an agent-based simulation.

FPS ala Devil Daggers

One level, endless stream of monsters, kill until you die. This would lower the burden of level design/geometry and still allow showing off graphics capability, and possibly multiplayer. It could also be extensively data-driven and might be a good chance to show off how customizable something can be built with Amethyst.

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(Théo Degioanni) #3

I think that in order to be impressive, 3D would be a requirement. Beyond being dogfooding, I think a game like this would be about showing off to a community of gamers, not necessarily engine users, to build a market image.


(Fletcher) #4

So is the goal of this to be the tutorial on how to build a game with Amethyst, starting from nothing? If not, what is the goal, @torkleyy?


(Thomas Schaller) #5


  • drive development based on issues that come up during the development
  • show off what we can build with the engine
  • test new features / patterns and check if the workflow makes sense
  • eventually have a big example that serves, not as a tutorial directly, but as a reference for how things can be structured, etc; this is one of the goals, but certainly not the primary one