Change “learn” (/doc) to “get started”

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

I’m basically proposing the following change:

Would give our social/support channels more exposure, as they’re currently not linked in any top-header content.

(Hilmar Wiegand) #2

I very much agree with this! There should be a “place to start” for people who discover the page for the first time - “get started” is probably the first thing I look for on other pages.

A few considerations:

  • I think there should be a quickstart guide right at the top - e. g. “How to make a new project and get a window to open”, and then “where to go next”
  • we should make it clear which version we recommend for starting out, and update that as we go
  • whenever anyone makes any sort of tutorial or “recipe” (which we are sorely lacking at the moment), we should put it down on this page as well

This page is completely made in prismic, so you can update it there. You can change the page title and the link text as well, from the “meta” tab.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

:+1: agreed on all accounts.

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(Hilmar Wiegand) #4

Just saw that in your beautiful drawing, you have the page split in left and right. In prismic, I can add different kinds of “slices”, i.e. content blocks that I can then style independently and which act as sections of the page. Would you like me to add a slice that divides the page into 2 columns?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

Yes please, that’s what I was thinking. Ideally on mobile it would get merged together in a single column split up by headers.

(Hilmar Wiegand) #6

Sure thing, I’ll take care of it later

(Joël Lupien) #7

Hi, would it be possible to have icons for the book and rustdoc links? They would allow for faster recognition for which is which. :slight_smile:

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(Thomas Schaller) #8

Maybe we could also add buttons in the center of the images, e.g. a “Getting started” in


and a “Learn more” next to “High Performance”, etc.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #9

Maybe you wanna have a go at this now that said QuickStart exists? :wink: it should be prominently linked here, together with forum, chat and showcase games.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #10

First version of this is live, thanks a bunch @happenslol for the layout tweaks!

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