Creating games as revenue-generators

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The ways to make money off of games are plentiful and I’m open to exploring many different business models. The one I have the most experiment with, and therefore the one I’ll be pursuing first is:

The subscription model

VCs and incubators like YCombinator love monthly recurring income because it’s so much easier to build up a business around it, as opposed to businesses that earn money in irregular bursts.

Designing a subscriptions-friendly game

#evolution-island was designed with revenue-generation in mind. I’ll gradually fill in the whole picture, but the gist of what I have in mind is:

  • Game will eventually be hosted on
  • Game is playable for free for a few minutes. Alternatively you can download the game and run it locally for as long as you’d like.
  • For a fee of $1 the game can be played until game-over and you can replay it as many times as you’d like. Over time we might be able to add additional features like multiplayer sessions, saved progress etc.

The idea is that as long as we can get a single person to pay us $1/month to play the game we can start figuring out what kind of value they’re willing to pay $1+/month for. From there we try to add the biggest value adds with the smallest development cost.


A pretty big caveat to this business model working that I’ve glossed over so far is a working WASM story. Our ability to publish to web in a sane way is at best several months away, but I’m quite okay with that timeline. For now I’m just here to declare my intent to eventually charge players somehow for playing Evolution Island and probably most other game projects I get deeply committed to.

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