Curious to know if the GUI text editor is in development?


Curious to know if the GUI text editor is in development? Is there an Alpha release of it by any chance?

(Nathan) #2

There is a GUI Editor being worked on here – is that the kind of editor you had in mind? Update: Sorry, I didn’t realize when I posted this that the editor was in an experimental state and we haven’t yet released anything.

(Marco Alka) #3

The linked repository does not exist. Is it private?

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(Nathan) #4

It is. How odd. I’ll have to poke around and see if I can find out why.

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The link is not available mate, how come it is a private repository?


@khionu mentioned the reason a few weeks ago in the Amethyst Discord server:

Currently closed source until MVP is reached, then it will be as open as the rest of the engine


What is MVP? And why is it closed source, why not make it open source so people can then report issues and contribute to it?

(Abovegame) #8

It stands for minimum viable product. Basically it won’t go open source until it at least a bit usable.


Just out of curiosity why isn’t it going open source? Isn’t going open source a good thing that way they get more contributors?

(Khionu Sybiern) #10

There’s a few reasons, but the main one is all the bikeshedding on it when no one else was willing to take point. In other words, we had lots of people contributing distracting ideas, many of which were “do X differently”, and none of those people willing to contribute code.

Mind you, when it has reached MVP, it will be OSS and we will be more encouraging of contributions to it. I can’t speak for the Editor team on this, but if you actually think you could contribute code without trying to change the direction, you could message Fletcher. They won’t, however, be making exceptions to the privacy of the project unless someone is actively contributing.


Ah I see that makes perfect sense.

I am not a developer anyways so I wouldn’t know much how to contribute.