Custom Shaders for Metal

(Thorlucas) #1

Are there any plans to support custom shaders for macOS? The custom_render_pass example won’t compile with amethyst 0.15.0, and even if it did compile I don’t think it would work because it appears to rely on Vulkan.

(Gray Olson) #2

I’m not sure why it doesn’t compile but it doesn’t rely on vulkan. It gets translated under the hood to metal just like all the standard render passes in amethyst

(Thorlucas) #3

The issue is this:

“Caused by:
Feature default includes shader-compiler which is neither a dependency nor another feature”

I need to enable shader compilation because VulkanSDK doesn’t exist for mac which means I can’t precompile the shaders. The docstring says the “shader-compiler” feature must be enabled but unfortunately it seems to not actually exist.