Discord changes

(Khionu Sybiern) #1

I have been thinking about some changes we can do for the Discord. I’ll update this as we discuss them.

Note: I use the terminology “guild” here. This is how Discord refers to “servers” in its API, and is simply how I’m used to it. I prefer the distinction from the more usage-poluted word “server”.

Low impact changes

These are suggested to implement as soon as there is consensus to do so

  • Strip all guild-level permissions from Team Roles, then give them to a master role (“Org Member”? Something else?) for all members of Amethyst to have
  • De-hoist (hoist == separate from online list) the Team Roles, then hoist said master role
  • Remove colours from Team Roles, as having distinct colours is more hassle than it’s worth. Does anyone memorize the teams by colour?
  • Use said master role to lock the internal channels
  • Remove TTS permissions for AtEveryone, as a preventative for someone being a nuisance
  • Remove any permissions that AtEveryone has from all other roles, as everyone has the AtEveryone role and so such guild-level grants are redundant.
  • Remove all permissions from the Admin role, save Administrator, since Administrator gives all permissions *
  • Remove all per-channel overrides for the Admin role because they don’t do anything for roles with Administrator
  • Enable message scanning for all messages, as a security precaution (will catch porn and viruses)
  • Adjust the balance of View Channel, Send Messages, and Connect to Voice permissions as to respect that Send and Connect require View as a prerequisite
  • Create text channel in Voice category for people to post among each other while in voice.
    • This is because posts are usually with context that originates in voice, and so would be confusing at best, disruptive at worst

Practical infrastructure changes

These changes provide a significant difference in how the Discord is structured and how it operates

  • Review separation of Admin, Moderator, and normal Team Member permissions and privileges, and redistribute *
    • Suggested changes: Separate rename Admin to Root, to make the naming more about permissions than hierarchy, give Root to all Board Members who ask for it, a separate role for Discord Management that members of the Community Team may have, then remove administrative permissions from Moderator, making it a true moderator role, not an admin role.
  • Implement a bot for channel opt-outs. Concept is simple, but it would require infrastructure. CD would be ideal, as to not need hosting privileges to update the bot.
  • Alternative to Root permission: create a dedicated Amethyst user account which would be shared by Board Members, then transfer ownership to said account.

* Change requires the Guild Owner to make them (torkleyy)

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(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

I’m not very familiar with the intricacies of Discord yet so I can’t comment on most of what is being proposed here, but I definitely support a simplification of the user roles. We already have Groups here in Discourse that can be more easily managed.

Is this a Discord feature we can enable?


(Khionu Sybiern) #3

Yes. It’s as simple as clicking a button in the guild settings.

Also, to note, I still have the Admin role, so I can enact everything that I didn’t denote as requiring torkleyy.


(Thomas Schaller) #4

I’m okay with all the “low impact changes” :+1: Feel free to apply them if nobody objects.


(Lucio Franco) #5

Aw I kinda like the colors but thats fine, as long as the teams are still pingable.

All for this :+1:

I would like to have another post about this going into depth so we can have some discussion on it.

Not really a fan of this one, would rather leave the admin roles. Personally, really we just need torkleyy, fletcher and I with admin roles since we are the ED, TD, and ATD of the org. I don’t know if board members need anything.


(Khionu Sybiern) #6

Well, the “shared by Board Members” bit could be changed. Scope is more meant to be “highest echelon”

Could you elaborate a little, or start it yourself? I’m not sure what I would be opening the topic on, specifically. Automation of our community presences in general? Just Discord bots?


(Khionu Sybiern) #7

Ok, I enacted all the changes I could from the Low Impact list, save the colours/hoisting. Waiting for further feedback on that.

Now, Team Roles are only for labels and pinging, so any new members will need the Member role.

There were some Team Roles that had some privileges and others that didn’t. Given which were granted and to the roles they were, I thought to give the Member role Manage Messages (can delete and pin messages), Manage Emoji (for the memes), View Audit Logs, and Ping Everyone/Here. Please let me know if that’s too much.

Additionally, I noted that the Engine Team was the only team that had access to post in Announcements. Perhaps that should be available to all members?


(Lucio Franco) #8

I don’t know if it might be a good idea to limit this and emojis.

More so I don’t want a million bots in the server, I would like to keep it lean and clean. So mostly wanted to document what bots might be added and what they will do in its own post.


(Khionu Sybiern) #9

Alright, I’ll get a thread started.


(Khionu Sybiern) #10

To propose an alternative, not to defend having the permission at all, how about Members have it from within the Internal channels only?


(Lucio Franco) #11

Love that idea! I think either limit it to internal until we have figured out a way that people can select to get pinged for certain teams.


(Khionu Sybiern) #12

Well… that’s why the Team Roles would still exist, heh.

Also, made the change.


(Khionu Sybiern) #13

Colour/hoist changes have been made. The Rainbow is dead. Long live the Rainbow.