Documentation Team

(Fletcher) #1

Hello! Our documentation team is currently empty, so this is your chance to be a founding member of a documentation team! And who hasn’t had that dream?


To write and maintain the Amethyst Book, ensure that code documentation meets the standards set by the Technical Director, to create example code, and to ensure existing documentation is kept up to date.


This team codes, so familiarity with Rust is a plus.
Familiarity with Markdown and/or Asciidoc

If you are interested, feel free to ping me or respond to this postl

(Gray Olson) #2

I might be interested in this… not sure what more to say than that but feel free to contact me here or on Discord (@Fusha#8156, I’m in the Amethyst discord) to discuss details if you’d like.

(Fletcher) #3

Thank you @termhn, I will.

(Tiago Nascimento) #4

I am also interested in this. Compiling some FAQ from the #help channel is also a good idea.

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(Fletcher) #5

Think we are good on this team for now. I’ll unlock if/when we need to expand it. @xtheosirian I’ll ping you as soon as I can about your interest.

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