Editor inspiration thread!

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Let’s start gathering examples of good (or at least interesting) UI/UX from other game engines, editors, and general tools! Any posts and examples are welcome. Screenshots are good, videos are great, and any additions written details and feedback make you a super star! :star2:

(David LeGare) #2

SpatialOS provides a graphical inspector for examining a running world in realtime, and their new Modular Inspector should provide some solid inspiration for how to handle large, dynamic worlds:

For some context, SpatialOS is a service that provides a way to perform large world simulations on a distributed cloud of workers. It’s fundamentally built around an ECS paradigm, so a lot of the principles it uses apply pretty directly to Amethyst. While SpatialOS doesn’t have a dedicated editor, they do provide an inspector that has some pretty powerful tools for dynamically querying and visualizing very large worlds. The linked article has a lot of details, but I’ll also link directly to the demonstration videos it contains:

The thing that I really like about the tools they provide is that it is clearly built specifically to account for the complexities of dealing with an ECS world. You can construction queries over the contents of your world, and then dynamically use the results of those queries to populate different visualization tools (currently a 2D map display and a table view). You can also have different queries at the same time, making it easy to build up custom view of your world that display exactly the information you need in exactly the way you need. This is the first time I’ve seen an inspection tool that feels so well suited for the ECS paradigm, and I think there’s a lot we can learn and apply to the Amethyst editor tools.

Update: I’ve gone and written a blog post elaborating on my thoughts about why the Modular Inspector is so dang brilliant and where I think it is applicable to the Amethyst editor:

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