Editor planning meeting

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

Our Editor project has been gaining a lot of momentum lately. Those getting involved thus far are @mralve, @nothingismagick, @fletcher, @Sakerdot and @khionu

A new iteration of the editor is being actively developed at https://github.com/mralve/atelier-editor/ using Tauri & Quasar as its foundation.

@nothingismagick has initiated a preliminary planning doc here:

This coming Saturday, @fletcher will be hosting a meeting to discuss the near term plans and roadmap for the editor work.


Anyone is free to attend as long as they’re there to discuss the agenda, or just quietly observe.

Will you attend?

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Meeting link:

will be posted a while before the meeting



(Nothingismagick) #2

I’ve been working on some prototyping with Tauri for the binary production and API and Quasar/Vue for the interface.

Its a bit more than a wireframe - and nowhere near a POC, but is still a bunch of the basic setup needed for a variety of panes (that are resizable), the tree is searchable and interactive - the menu items are extensible and internationalization is wired up and usable. If time permits I’ll do a screenshare on Saturday.

(Zicklag) #3

That’s awesome everybody, good work! I love the decision to use Tauri as I’ve liked Quasar for a while now.

I won’t be able to make it to the meeting, but when I can I’m definitely going to build the editor and look around, and I might find something I can spare the time to help with. :smile:

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

Recommended reading courtesy of @aclysma


Looking awesome.
Increased my donation amount after reading this thread and contents :smiley:

(Alve Lars Larsson) #6

awesome thanks for the interest! Make sure to contact one of us on discord to get your #donator tag

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #7

Meeting summary

Proper home for Editor repo

The editor currently lives in a fork on Alve’s personal account. We need to bring it into the Amethyst org.

Action: @erlend_sh is strongly in favor of starting a fresh repo for the active fork and archiving our two legacy repos. I believe @fletcher is the only active member around who’s been involved in both of those prior efforts, so imo if he :ok:s this plan of action and no one objects, we’re good to go.

Completing MVP doc

MVP doc is still being fleshed out and is the most important precursor to further development and a sensible onboarding process for new contributors.

Action: I suggest @mralve reposts their notes in the GDoc as a topic in #development:editor so we can reach a consensus on essential MVP features to shoot for. There appeared to be a general consensus around “I wanna edit levels and prefabs, starting with Pong as a working example” as the gist of the MVP.

Afterwards we will close the topic and repost the MVP as a GitHub issue where it can double as a tracking issue for the MVP milestone.

Roadmap doc

The roadmap doc is already well underway. The plan is to map out where we are headed with the editor, going from short-term realism to long-term :lollipop: and :rainbow:.

Action: @erlend_sh, @fletcher, @mralve and @nothingismagick will (a)sync up in the near future to finalize the basic structure and initial contents of the roadmap. Once done, I suggest the roadmap should exist as a GitHub issue. I want it to live in the repo (i.e. as close as possible to the “start here” of the editor) and an .md is just a bit too cumbersome to edit that it can more easily go stale.

Central point of information

@Sakerdot rightly pointed out that we’re lacking a central point of information.

Action: @erlend_sh is drafting an expansion for the readme here: Editor readme additions
Our readme will serve as the

In the future we will naturally have a presence for the editor on our website and book as well, but we’ll revisit that once we have a working MVP in our hands.

Thanks again to everyone who set time aside to attend! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

(Nothingismagick) #8

I took some notes from the technical meeting (just dropping them here for posterity):

Atelier Assets

Daemon - monitors the filesystem with a watcher that picks up a source file changes

Propagates to listeners on rpc’s

In memory undo / redo in the editor itself

Transaction logs / ledger

Struct-diffing => UI => Rust => Daemon (UDP broadcast to listeners / RPC forking / FIFO-LIFO?)

Undo / Redo => Recovery


Metadata assets system editor state storage for undo / redo


ECS similar to SPECS

Query Concept

  • Multiple Points of Entry
  • Modularization of Entity Management

During Live Game Introspection

  • Specialized UX for Querying
  • Throttle / Panic Mode
(Fletcher) #9

I’m fine with this. Apologies for not being on the call…I was very tired and missed my alarm. =/