Editor readme additions

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

In response to Editor planning meeting :

Below is a draft for my pending additions to the Editor readme. My intention is to make the readme detailed enough that newcomers can be pointed to it and know everything they need to know about our plans going forward and how one might get involved. Would love feedback from @Sakerdot and other relative newcomers who are trying to piece together what is currently a bunch disparate pieces of data about the Editor.

What is this?

This is the latest and only actively developed game editor project for Amethyst. There may be others, but this is the only official one.

The goal of this editor is to speed up Amethyst game development by allowing its users to perform operations such as:

  • … (will fill this in once the MVP & roadmap docs are more complete)

Getting involved

The editor is made using Tauri and Quasar.

A note on tech stack decision: There are many nascent UI frameworks for Rust, and many more opinions to go around. We are past the point of discussing the stack. The working prototype is already well underway; those engaged in this project are here to see how far we can get on the path we’re already on.


  • MVP milestone (will be a GitHub tracking issue & milestone)
  • Complete roadmap (will be GitHub issue)

Development guide

  • Tauri basics
  • Quasar basics
  • How the editor works


  • Active development can be tracked in our GitHub Issues
  • For learning, designing, technical discussion et.al. please use our chat or forum.
(Alve Lars Larsson) #2

Great! going to set this as the readme on the editor if or when we push my fork as a new repo to the org.
We are also going to provide appropriate build information to dose who don’t know how to do this yet. Tauri is still WIP so how this builds now may change.