Evoli: Art direction

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

We will use the https://github.com/tversteeg/sprite-gen and https://github.com/mattyhall/rs-tiled libraries for our first attempt at a art pass. The main goal is to just come up with a consistent look. We also want to start experimenting with procedural generation (sprite-gen) as early as possible.

Later iterations of this game will be able to let creatures mutate and change. The only way we can support that mechanic with aesthetics to match is by procedurally generating the art assets for our creatures. We’d love to talk to technical artists who’d enjoy playing with sprite-gen and suggesting/speccing enhancements for it.

2D will be our only display format for the foreseeable future. 3D can happen, but it’d require someone (probably more than one) to drive it.


@awpteamoose might be taking on this work.

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