Evoli: Art direction

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

We will use the https://github.com/tversteeg/sprite-gen and https://github.com/mattyhall/rs-tiled libraries for our first attempt at a art pass. The main goal is to just come up with a consistent look. We also want to start experimenting with procedural generation (sprite-gen) as early as possible.

Later iterations of this game will be able to let creatures mutate and change. The only way we can support that mechanic with aesthetics to match is by procedurally generating the art assets for our creatures. We’d love to talk to technical artists who’d enjoy playing with sprite-gen and suggesting/speccing enhancements for it.

2D will be our only display format for the foreseeable future. 3D can happen, but it’d require someone (probably more than one) to drive it.


@awpteamoose might be taking on this work.

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(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

As of this week’s meeting, we’ve had a change in direction.

Due to Amethyst’s graphics pipeline still being in flux when Evoli first started, we’ve been working under the assumption that 2D would be our safest bet for the foreseeable future. Now with Rendy 0.3 and Amethyst 0.11 upon us, 3D graphics doesn’t seem like such a risky prospect any longer.

  • We’ve decided we’ll be making the switch from 2D to 3D. It’s more closely aligned with the team’s skillset and also a much needed showcase for Amethyst.

  • The biggest hurdle isn’t modeling the 3D assets (working mockups are already done) or making them work with our existing codebase. The bulk of the work lies in the transition to Rendy & Amethyst 0.11, which we have to do anyway.

  • We’ll start out with handmade assets, but one of the benefits of 3D is that there’s more prior art for the types of procedural generation techniques that we’d like to benefit from in the future (2020 most likely).

  • Animated skeletons is out of scope for a long time still. We’ll want to focus on character assets that are feet-less, just floating right above the ground. Plenty of liveliness can be achieved with the same intermediary techniques we had planned for our 2D style, i.e. morphing shapes, texture manipulation etc.

  • Texture style should lend itself well to shape morphing and eventual procgen. We quite like the “clay style”.

Art mockups

Courtesy of @khskarl, made in Blender eevee:


Gang Beasts

Human Fall Flat

Kirby and The Rainbow Curse

Bitgem micro assets

Team Meeting #3 - 2019-06-14