Evoli: Aspirational designs

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

Continuing the discussion from Demo Game: Evolution Island MVP:

In stark contrast to the MVP, this is an anything goes document. In here our default answer to “what if we did X?” should be “yes, and also…” or "we can, if…"

Bring on your best feature creep! Let’s imagine what Evolution Island might look like 1, 2, 3+ years from now.

Day/Night cycle.

Depending on the time of day, creatures will have certain perks, like longer line of sight during day, and greater sense of hearing at night.


Depending on the weather conditions, creatures will have different advantages.


The player can trigger Creature Mutations, and to a limited extent creature deaths.

  • Randomised: You initiate a creature mutation by clicking on any creature in the game. This will randomly mutate it into a new creature. After a mutation, the player will have a short time window to choose whether or not to let this creature live. Once the window closes, the player has no control over the creature’s life any longer, except mutating it again after some delay.
  • Card-based: You essentially draw different kinds of upgrade cards that you can apply to the creature-type of your choice.

Simple first take:
Every 30 seconds, the player can choose one creature to modify. You modify their abilities, their stats, whatever. But you won’t get to make changes again for another 30 seconds.

3D terrain & models

Provided we come up with an efficient way to create the 3D assets we need (e.g. by using @huxingyi’s Dust3D), the game could be converted to 3D. This would also allow for new game features such as height differences, which in turn give way for interesting creature types that excel at living in higher altitudes, e.g. creatures with the ability to climb trees or mountains.

More Steering Behaviors

Hide, Follow Leader, Collision Avoidance etc.

Conditional Spawning

Plants will only appear on dead bodies that actually contain a seed.
A herbivore will only contain a seed if it has eaten it.
A lighter first version could be just a multiplier on the spawn rate: *0.5(dead-bodies)


Most new game mechanics should be scriptable, so community-members can add new features in whatever scripting language Amethyst supports.

More Creatures

Eventually we can add more creatures into the mix.

Evoli: MVP Specification
(Lokathor) #2

The obvious feature creep is the ability for the player to do something with the simulation ;3

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

Yep. One such feature is outlined above:

My rough thinking is that the game would be “Create as many mutations as possible without breaking the ecosystem”. Game length could be anywhere from 5-60 minutes or even longer. We’d be counting on the fact that sooner or later the player will accidentally create some kind of supercreature that just dominates the ecosystem and f***s it up for everyone else.

How would you like to interact with this ecosystem in a bottle?

(Lokathor) #4
  • Player ability to adjust the terrain
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(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

Points of interest

The herbivore and predator dynamic would look more realistic if they usually stayed apart in their respective packs. But the herbivores are forced to take risks for certain must-haves: Water holes, breeding grounds etc.

(Arthur Goldman) #6

I think the idea of using cards to interact with the game is really sexy — cards could allow the player to “do stuff” in particular, predefined ways, and having an opaque randomized “deck” and/or some method of creating the cards by choice keeps things novel and fun.

Most importantly, I think “cards” are conceptually easier than “commands,” which is what we really want to convey.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #7

It’s well within the realm of possibility that we’d eventually attempt a pivot in that direction. The board game (and iOS/Android) Evolution can be instructive here.

Think of the base simulation like the base kernel that a variety of different game distributions can be built on top of.