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One post per creature. Feel free to reply with comments as well. On-going conversations will get split off into their own topics.

Designing non-interactive creatures

As of right now (v0.0.x) we are not adding any more new “live” creatures to the game, as we’ve yet to fully implement and stabilise our mere plant-herbivore-predator starting point.

In the meantime we are more than happy to add creatures that don’t impact the game in any way (to begin with).

It could for example be an insect, represented by a few translucent pixels. They re-spawn at a fixed, steady rate. Their number remains the same throughout the game, as they’re not interacting with the other creatures on any level.

This insect could just exist statically after a pseudo-random distribution upon game initialisation. Or if you wanna go advanced it could still have movement based on behaviours already implemented in the game.

Non-interactive creature ideas:

  • Bees - Flies around in tiny clusters.

  • Butterflies - Would fly around in pairs.

  • Trees - Wouldn’t have any collision.

  • Mushrooms - Grow under trees that define shade.

  • Grass - Moves across the map in a certain pattern.

:bulb: Use something like https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/species-names.php to generate a creature name for you.

How to make a new Evoli creature

all the way from design to working implementation.

  1. Write and post a design, like the ones below, complete with a usable, free art asset.

  2. With help or by yourself, write and submit a PR that implements your creature design.

    • designer+dev duos will usually want to communicate a lot before going to stage 2, since these design specs start out very thin.
    • it’s also fine to do a draft PR and figure out the rest of the design by just following the path of least resistance.
    • example PR for Ixies
  3. Creature will most likely be merged in so long as it doesn’t break the game and it (for now) doesn’t interact with the rest of game world in any way. It just is. The one criteria for merging is that the creature doesn’t behave quite like any other in the game.

Split experimental code and canonical code
Evoli is ready for contributions
Brainstorming Evoli implementation issues
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The only current herbivore in the game.

v0.0.1 art:


Wanders around looking for Makthye shrub to eat.

Eats: Makthye shrub
Eaten by: Zopirs


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The only current predator in the game.
Hunts down any herbivore it can overpower.

v0.0.1 art:


Wanders around looking for zopirs. Will chase down zopirs and kill them. Remains full for a pretty long time after feeding to maximum fullness.


The Zopir resembles predators that operate independently and not as a pack.

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Makthye shrub

The only current plant in the game.
Doesn’t currently need anything to reproduce, but suggestions are welcome.

v0.0.1 art:


none - creature is static


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Ixie (non-interactive) :heavy_check_mark:

The ixie is a tiny flying creature.

v0.0.1 art:


Ixies spawn in “hive” centers. They never move longer than a certain distance away from the hive.

Eats: Nothing (yet)
Eaten by: Nothing (yet)


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Blin (non-interactive) :heavy_check_mark:

The blin is a moderate sized flying creature.

v0.0.1 art:


Blins spawn in pairs, anywhere on the play area. They move around randomly as a pair until they perish.

Every new pair of blins will be randomly assigned one of 9 available styles.

Eats: Nothing (yet)
Eaten by: Nothing (yet)


  • Butterflies
Evoli is ready for contributions
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Nushi (non-interactive) :heavy_check_mark:

The Nushi is a moderate sized, solitary flying creature. Only one Nushi exists in the entire world.

v0.0.1 art:

Too small? We could use this or this or this instead.


It travels from one side of the screen to the other. Yes, exactly like a screensaver. We might even wanna change its color ever so slightly every time it changes direction.

It sometimes goes invisible.
Should be slightly transparent.


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Fleek :new:

Fleeks inherit the position of a Zopir or Opian, because they’re parasitic creatures.


Lives on top of larger creatures. Moves exactly where its parent creature moves. Multiplies in some fashion typical for parasites.



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Topplegrass (non-interactive)
Topplegrass is a dry ball of dead plants and seeds that is blown across the surface by the wind.


Topplegrass spawns at the world border, moves in a straight line across the world and despawns when it reaches the world border again.

Optional additional behaviour

  • Given the symbolism associated with tumbleweeds (particularly in westerns), topplegrass can be restricted to spawn only when there are few creatures alive in the world, or when a certain area of the world is particularly empty, or perhaps when the number of live plants drops below a certain threshold. As such, it might serve as an indicator the player is not doing too well managing the ecosystem.
  • Some plant species use tumbleweeds as a way to disperse their seeds. If seeding and pollination are ever implemented, topplegrass might be able to play in a role in that process somehow.


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