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Evoli is ready for contributions

If you’re not familiar with this project, see our introduction.

#showcase:evoli has been open to contributions since its inception, but today we are in a significantly better state of readiness as well. The ease with which we can receive contributions is critical to our success as an official showcase game for Amethyst. In that spirit we’re trying to develop a game project which lets us fearlessly “merge first, ask questions later”.

Any testing and subsequent feedback for our different avenues of contribution would be immensely appreciated :gift_heart:

Add a new creature to Evoli

Adding a new creature should be fairly straight forward for anyone already familiar with Amethyst. Emphasis on should, which is why we need help testing this assertion.

We will merge any non-interactive creature addition that satisfies a minimum of novelty, i.e. it behaves in a slightly different way than any other creature type. By non-interactive we mean it doesn’t interact with the “plants-herbivores-predators” ecosystem or other creature types in any way. The plan is of course to make all creatures interactive eventually, but we want to calibrate our 3-way ecosystem to a playable state before making it exponentially more complicated.

:point_right: Start here :point_left:

You can go at it however you want:

  • Design a new creature type from scratch. Just keep it simple and don’t forget to keep it non-interactive.

  • Implement one of the non-interactive creatures we’ve already put together skeleton designs for, such as the Blin (edit: already implemented). Get in touch with the designer to flesh it out further, or just roll with your own interpretation of the spec, filling in the gaps as you see fit.

  • You don’t need to reserve any task. It’s not a big deal if suddenly we have two different implementations of the Blin creature. One will be blin and the other will be renamed blark and assigned a new art asset. The two implementations will diverge naturally over new iterations.

Work on any Evoli code

We highly recommend checking out our good-first-issue label on GitHub. These are work items that we foresee few complications with and we have a pretty good idea of how the work should be done. There’s also help-wanted for various tooling integration tasks and game features that will require some exploration.

If you have design ideas of your own that you’d like to discuss, please bring it up in the #showcase:evoli board or in #showgase-game on


We want to make Evoli as contributor-friendly and moddable as possible. Key to this is documenting our key systems that other extensions of the game are built on top of, such as our steering behaviours.

Artwork, music and more

Whatever you think you might be able to contribute to this project, let us know about it. We’re already working with @jakob_t_r as a music composer and we’d love to get some help fleshing out our art direction doc. If any biologists or other evolution-savvy scientists want to talk to us, we’d be honoured!