Evoli: Vision

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

If you’re wondering what the complete “final design doc” for Evoli looks like, you’re in for some bad news: it doesn’t exist, and it never will.

The main idea for Evoli is to make a very open source -friendly game that will continue to (did you guess it?) evolve over time. I will be fleshing out this document over time and I would greatly appreciate any questions to help me do so.

Go watch some animals

This game project is heavily inspired by nature documentaries. In the long term I’d like Evoli to be able to tell emergent stories similar to the stories told in the likes of Planet Earth (2), Blue Planet (2) and Dynasties. If you haven’t watched any of these shows I really hope you do at least check out one episode. I recommend Dynasties #4: Painted Wolves.

Tait is the elderly matriarch of a pack of painted wolves in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park. Her pack is driven out of their territory by Tait’s daughter, Blacktip, the matriarch of a rival pack in need of more space for their large family of 32. Their combined territory also shrunk over Tate’s lifetime due to the expansion of human, hyena and lion territories. Tait leads her family into the territory of a lion pride in the midst of a drought, with Blacktip’s pack in an eight month long pursuit. During this time, both packs welcome a litter of puppies, and Tait’s pride somehow manages to keep their pack alive in midst of lion pride territory, while staying behind to nurse the injured. Blacktip’s pack suffers heavy losses, including the loss of a puppy from a hyena clan, and an adult from crocodiles. Having suffered these casualties, Blacktip ends the pursuit and retreats back to her original territory.

Not only will it strengthen our common design language, but these documentaries are also really damn good film making.

Not that much detail is needed

Perfectly describing and emulating all that a Painted Wolf is is incredibly hard. But mimicking the macro-behavior of a Painted Wolf in a restricted living habitat is very doable.

Evolution Island is a playground.

We’re building a specific game because that’s the easiest way to head in any specific direction, but we want our work to be as remixable as possible.

We’re gonna develop this game the open source way.

Release early, release often. (Provided we come up with a low-friction release process).

Not inventing Amethyst features but rather proving them.


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