Evolution Island and the Showcase Team

(Khionu Sybiern) #1

As a result of a discussion between @erlend_sh, @fletcher, and myself, we have decided to have the MVP of Evolution Island be a Showcase Team project. This will be a more immediate way for us to trial run ourselves as a studio, and will help EI get implemented quicker. After MVP, the project will leave the scope of the Showcase Team, and be managed as Erlend sees fit.

Erlend will be the director. They will have final say on all game details. This may mean some deviation from the standard workflow I just wrote up.

I will be the project manager. I’ll ensure that the project is organized, that the project has progress, and that we achieve our project objective efficiently. No whips, I promise.

I’ll work with Erlend and @khskarl to migrate the game into our project management, so we can get development underway ASAP.


(Khionu Sybiern) #2

To elaborate, that means doomy’s game will be on hold. Between working on EI’s management, I’ll start getting the logistics sorted for doomy’s.

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