Extremely slow render with metal backend in MacOS High Sierra

(Ertugrul Karademir) #1


I’ve been following the Pong tutorial. I’ve come the the point where we move the paddles, then realized that, response time is very slow. I thought the culprit was axis emulation; then I’ve compiled examples on Amethyst repo itself, especially “renderable”, and got frame rates around 4 FPS.

I’ve tried few stuff, built with --release flag and also no_slow_checks etc. No difference. Separately, I’ve tried gfx-rs/metal-rs and was able to get those running as normal.

I’ve also tried to use Vulkan backend however encountered other problems with that, which might not be related to Amethyst.

I’ve searched all over but couldn’t find an explanation. Any help is appreciated.


(Zicklag) #2

It sounds like it might be related to this issue:

(Ertugrul Karademir) #3

Thank you, somehow I missed this issue report. I’ll post on that thread with my profiling results. It really sounds like the problem I’m having.

PS: I’ll add this to the issue report as well, but interesting thing happened. I’m in the office and plugged in two screens. In this mode, it runs as smooth as it can! I unplug the screens, and it becomes sluggish. Plug them again, and it’s smooth, I don’t even close the window.

(Fabio Di Francesco) #4

Sounds like a vsync issue, perhaps AMD freesync or NVIDIA g-sync with dynamic framerate?

(Ertugrul Karademir) #5

I’m not sure if the monitors have freesync or gsync. The card is Radeon, however there is also Intel HD card in conjunction with that. Addition to my above observation, only Pong game runs smooth, other demos are sluggish, but less sluggish.