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I know that up-to-date Amethyst docs are hosted on, but there are also docs on – and they’re broken after version 0.13.0 which looks bad to folks who go straight to (like me). Does anyone know what it would take to get cleaned up, or where to start? I’m willing to do some legwork here, though I’m not sure whether I have sufficient permissions as a trusted contributor to ultimately fix it.

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Heya, the docs fail to build for for a number of reasons:

  • amethyst needs system libraries installed to be compiled, which I suspect aren’t installed on the image. Cargo.toml does at least indicate the features to enable.

  • builds have the following limitations (source):

    • Each platform will now have 15 minutes to build its dependencies and documentation.
    • 3 GB of RAM will be available for the build.
    • Network access will be disabled ( dependencies will still be fetched).

    I think compilation would hit the memory limit pretty easily, and the 15 minute time limit may be hit for the agents being used – I don’t imagine it to have a powerful CPU (maybe 2 core). We wouldn’t be able to fetch system packages due to net access being disabled., these are built by Gitlab CI (config, example pipeline jobs: build, deploy). It’s run on a box addressed by, and served by something called dokku; I’m not so familiar with how that ties together with the website.


@azriel91That’s fantastic info, thanks! :heart: Sounds like this is a pretty difficult problem, which bumps it down on my priority list a bit.