Floating Windows

Hi there, I’ve been enjoying Amethyst so far.

I use i3 as a window manager, and one difference I noticed between Amethyst and ggez is that ggez game windows open in “floating” mode, overtop my other windows, while with Amethyst, the game window is “grabbed” by i3 and forced into position relative to my other windows. As it does, the dimensions I set in display.ron are basically ignored, and sprites get stretched.

I see that the DisplayConfig type has always_on_top: bool , but this doesn’t make the window float.

Is there a way to do what I’m looking for?

I don’t know the answer myself, but that seems like a windowing problem and the members of the rendering team are my best guess for who would know. /cc @happenslol @Frizi @jaynus


While it may be bad form, I’m going to bump this.

I don’t really know anything about the subject but I’d like to try and look into it once I have access to my laptop (Saturday earliest). If nothing else then I might learn something.

A thing to note is that Amethysts Winit version is quite far behind.


winit and more, looks like.


Found that my laptop is just old enough to not support Vulkan. :frowning_face:
And i think that is why the examples have been failing for me?
Will try to figure something out tomorrow.

@fosskers okay i haven’t slept yet :grin:
So i was able to reproduce what i think you mean on i3.

The culprit of the different behavior between ggez and amethyst might be the resizable setting.
In ggez resizable defaults to false and in amethyst to true.
By toggling it i could make the window either start as floating or non floating.

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I’ll search the docs for that symbol and test it out.