General purpose steering behaviors for Amethyst/ECS

(Orhan Balci) #1

Hi! I’m the maintainer of orhanbalci/rust-steering-behaviors. Would like to contribute to the project. For this purpose started a new project to integrate behavior systems with ECS. It is in early stages and untested. orhanbalci/amethyst-behavior.

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Evoli: MVP Specification
(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

This is great! We are indeed very interested in helping out with general purpose steering behaviors for ECS. This is something @jaynus’ project and others have expressed interest in.

As far as Evoli’s system is concerned, we’ll have to wait at the very least until the culmination of our 0.1.0 MVP milestone before we can use what we’ve learned to assist with a general purpose implementation. We must focus on making the game playable first.

Have you looked at Evoli’s current SB design to see how it compares to yours? We’d love to have your help implementing more SBs in Evoli while we work towards a playable game.


(Orhan Balci) #3

Can you please add a link for @jaynus’ project. I could not find relevant project.


(Jaynus) #4

He’s probably speaking about my goap planner and action DSL with enums.

They can be found here:

And an example action set looks like:

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