How do I draw an ellipse?

(di) #1

In my 2d game I want to be able to draw geometrical shapes like circles, elipses and rectangles. How do I do that?

(Joël Lupien) #2

The current easiest way is to either use Sprites (recommended) or to use debug shapes.

(di) #3

thanks for your response!
I want to manipulate the shape, change the height, change the width, color, etc. that’s hard to do with sprites isn’t easy enough for a quick prototype.

what are debug shapes? I found amethyst_rendy::debug_drawing but that doesn’t seem have actual 2d shapes.

(Joël Lupien) #4

There seems to be an issue with the current docs, which might be why you can’t see it in there.

(di) #5

ah okay, I’ll read through the code then. thanks!

(Joël Lupien) #6

Actually the docs are fine, I’m just stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

Search for add_circle and you will find the debug component with all the methods.

(di) #7

like this? it doesn’t return anything.

(Joël Lupien) #8

Its only available on the “master” (git) branch currently. The next release is planned to happen very soon however.