Legacy branches and unmaintained changes

(Joël Lupien) #1

Here I will list some work which I forgot existed.

Some of it will be useful, some not. In any case, feel free to read through them and see if they are useful to you.

I would really really really appreciate that if you think one of them is interesting, you take some time to complete them so we can have them in amethyst. Thanks everyone! <3


Simplification of SimpleAsset

Add InputEvent to StateEvent. Incomplete.


Recursive prefabs. Had an infinite compilation loop. This is a super important feature to have a complete prefab system.

CPU Based rasterizer. Was meant to replace gfx_glyph, but in the end the performance was terrible. However it can be reused as a preprocessor for text assets and possibly svg pictures.

Virtual Reality support. Does compile and run, but renders only the glClearColor instead of the scene in the headset. Magnonellie proposed to continue work on this once rendy is merged, if no one else wants to take the lead.


Tried to fix glTF transparency. Also adds assets that have transparency in them.

Advanced lifetime documentation and book section. PR was refused because explaining lifetimes isn’t in the scope of amethyst. It would be a good place to explain custom states and state events however.