Logging - Benefits of the tracing crate?

(Khionu Sybiern) #1

The crate tracing provides a means to get a better picture of a stack and the things that lead up to an issue. With ECS, there is little stack that doesn’t root in a System, and Systems should be fairly shallow in user-level function calls… looking for thoughts, might it still be worth while?

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Stack details may be of little use, but the ability to trace spans and build flame graphs for each frame from that as well as support for custom subscribers (e.g. one that plugs into renderer and shows stats in real time) would be very useful to any developer who wants to understand where CPU time is spent.

(Zicklag) #3

I agree with @DominikD that tracing could be very useful for profiling and in general getting a better understanding of not just what happens, like you get with tradition logs, but how long everything takes and where you might need to put some more effort into optimizaiton.

Custom subscribers with visualizations for what’s happening in realtime would be awesome, and maybe useful to the editor even. Ping @mralve.

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