Ludum Dare #43 Signups

(Fletcher) #1

Let’s see if there’s enough interest to form a team to participate! This Ludum Dare starts Friday 6PM PST. If you are interested in joining a team in making a game using Amethyst, reply to this post with the following info:

  • Contact E-mail
  • List of skills
  • What role you would like to have. If you only want to do audio, specify that here.

(Fletcher) pinned globally #2

(Abovegame) #3
  • Programming
  • Level designer, UI designer, but most comfortable with programming

I wasn’t exactly sure what i should put here but here it is.


(Fletcher) #4

Where you put it is fine, thanks!


(Gray Olson) #5

Woo I think I can actually contribute meaningfully this time, though I’ll have to do some other stuff a couple times throughout it.


(doomy) #6

Sounds fun! I’m just finishing the GH Game Off (due this Thursday) so what a wonderful opportunity to make more games :slight_smile:

Might be nice to have a gamejam channel in the discord group or something. Anyways,

  • composition/sound design, 3D stuff, UI/UX design, programming, web
  • I’d really like to help with whatever needs help. I’m probably the strongest in audio but I have several Rust projects and other things to look at.

Here’s a couple relevant links: (my professional website with UI stuff and some 3D stuff) (my audio stuff [sorry my blog is so weird]) my github

If you prefer Discord or Telegram, I tend to be more responsive there. doomy#5373 and @piedoomy respectively