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It looks to me like Amethyst uses nalgebra for it’s math. Browsing nalgebra’s docs, it looks great!.. for math. There are a lot of utility functions that seem to be totally missing from nalgebra that are useful for computer graphics — for example rotating a vector2 given just an angle. Instead, I have to construct a new rotation matrix and then apply this. Not great for making a game when you need to rotate things all the time.

I think nalgebra-glm would be better suited for amethyst. It still uses nalgebra but provides an api like glm which is fantastic for game dev.

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@thorlucas the API documentation for nalgebra-glm said that all of its types are just aliases for the nalgebra types so I don’t think there is anything stopping you from just doing a use nalgebra-glm as glm in your crate and getting to use all of its nice functions.

I haven’t messed with algebra in Amethyst yet, so I could be missing something that would still make it cumbersome though.

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Thanks! So adding nalgebra-glm won’t add any bloat? Cool!

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