Networking: Amethyst Network Crate

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Amethyst_Network is a crate, located here, provides high-level abstractions used for networking in the Amethyst engine. It depends on the ESC amethyst uses.


As an application developer, you will have to use this crate for all basic network interactions. The details of how this crate works can be found in its README. The main goal is to provide an easy way for syncing entities across the network. Amethyst Network crate uses Laminar for its communication protocol, it was a special build for it. If you do have questions about it, please feel free to post here. We love talking about networking. =)

Current Status

The networking crate from Amethyst was first released in version 0.9. It is supposed to be a ‘prototype’ setup. For Amethyst version 0.10 we are implementing laminar and we will mostly be planning the architecture of this crate.

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