Networking: Laminar Headers

(Timon) #1

Packet Headers

In this topic we’ll discuss the different headers we are pre-pending to the data sent via laminar.

Standard header

Will be included in each packet.

pub struct StandardHeader {
   /// crc32 of the protocol version.
   pub protocol_version: u32,
   /// specifies the packet type.
   pub packet_type_id: PacketTypeId,
   /// specifies how this packet should be processed.
   pub delivery_method: DeliveryMethod,

Fragment header.

This is the header containing header fragment information prefix with the standard header.
The first fragment will also contain information about the parent packet.

pub struct FragmentHeader {
   standard_header: StandardHeader,
   // this is the sequence number to which the fragment belongs.
   sequence: u16,
   // this is the id from the fragment sho we know how to order the fragments on the other side.
   id: u8,
   // the number of fragments to which this fragment belongs.
   num_fragments: u8,
   // acked information of which will be included into the first fragment with id '1'.
   packet_header: Option<AckedPacketHeader>,

Acked packet header.

This will be used for reliable packets.

pub struct AckedPacketHeader {
   pub standard_header: StandardHeader,
   /// this is the sequence number so that we can know where in the sequence of packages this packet belongs.
   pub seq: u16,
   // this is the last acknowledged sequence number.
   ack_seq: u16,
   // this is an bitfield of all last 32 acknowledged packages
   ack_field: u32,