New Members Week of 2018/25/11

(Fletcher) #1

We’ve had a few new members join this week!

Documentation Team

Somehow, this took one day to find members. Usually it takes month. Members:

  1. Azriel - Joins us from, oh, wait, Amethyst!
  2. Khionu - Manager of a large coding community, CoderDen!
  3. Udoprog - Taking a break from coding database systems to write technical documentation!

A couple of people have expressed interest in the last slot, so we’ll hopefully add another person soon.

Community Team

This is the team responsible for community outreach, establishing contacts with studios, things like that. Current members are:

  1. erlend_sh (he ran the jMonkeyEngine project for years, and is involved in forming a Rust working group for game dev, so we’re expecting lots of $$$'s =)


That’s everyone for now, I think. If I missed you, my apologies. Just post a reply here. I expect there to be a larger initial influx of people, and then things will settle down. I’ll do my best to keep this up to date.



(Fletcher) #2

Rendering Team

  1. Fusha (termhn) joined

Assets Team

  1. Kae joined

Welcome to all the new people this week!

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