I am working on a first person action game concept called “Kill Spree” (trademark in progress). Kill Spree is a spiritual successor to a 2007 game called “Combat Arms”. Kill Spree has got the attention of the Combat Arms community and the popularity is growing daily. The pre-production phase is nearly complete and I have chosen Amethyst as the game engine because of it being data-driven, lightweight and utilizing the Rust programming language.

I am currently searching for investor(s) and development team members. I want to get some members of the Amethyst team to join us and make the game. Amethyst can use Kill Spree to showcase the capabilities of the engine and we will contribute to Amethyst while making the game or after launch. The project scope is feasible as it will not be the next Battlefield and feature creep is kept under check consistently.

In the past, I have worked with Doobic Game Studios - the original Combat Arms developer. You can view my portfolio on If anyone is interested, you can contact me on Discord or via email ( Let’s do this! :boom: :rocket:


Welcome! I’d love to know more about the project:

  • Who’s involved right now (just you so far?) and what are they working on?

  • Is this going to be a closed-source project?

Hey, thanks!

Alve and Joel from the Amethyst team are interested and I have a list of potential candidates for other roles (level designer, concept artist, animator, audio engineer etc).

I have never thought about open-sourcing the game. It’ll remain closed source while I do some research on the pros and cons of open sourcing it.