Passing down psychological and physiological traits

(Karll) #1

A thought for the future:

Recently I had one idea that players could change psychological traits instead of “physiological traits” and have food carry different nutrients.

Different nutrients can change positively or negatively a creature’s physical traits as they eat it, later the creature can reproduce and the offspring will have a mix of their parents’ physiological and psychological traits.

But this changes a little bit the style of the game, currently it is about balancing the attributes so the creatures can coexist, this change would make the game about finding equilibrium in the natural selection of these creatures.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Sounds interesting but I don’t feel like I’m fully grasping your vision yet. Can you describe what a psychological trait might be? As far as I can tell you’ve only described physiological traits here.

Indeed, with the current state of the design this is decidedly in the radical change :surfing_woman: category.

(Karll) #3

Psychological trait could be something like “Aggression”, “Courage”, “Happiness”, “Confidence”.

  • An aggressive creature will tend to prioritise attacking rather than looking for food
  • A courageous creature has higher chances of defending itself when facing multiple enemies (e.g. Attack 1 enemy, but flee from 3 enemies).
  • A happy creature will socialize more with others (flocking), a sad one will keep more distance.
  • A confident creature will walk around faster and more often, a less confident one will walk less.

In general it affects their mood, and their mood affects their decisions. E.g. when to run away, when to fight, when to eat something suspicious.

One thing that I like about this approach, is that this feels much more “relatable”, and consequentially it feels engaging to a player, just like in Roller Coaster Tycoon you can see the mood of individual visitors.

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