Peripheral projects

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For the time being, Amethyst is narrowly focused on four pillars of fundamental work:

  1. Game UI – #development:ui
  2. Rendering – #development:rendering
  3. ECS – #development:ecs
  4. Editor – #development:editor

More than anything else right now, we want to finish these pillar-features. We will soon have on-boarding documents for all of these. For now, if you’d like to get involved just make a new topic with your thoughts in one of the categories above or find the appropriate channels on

There’s a limit to how many people we can feasibly throw at the above problems before we get into "too many chefs :woman_cook: " territory. So for those who still want to help but aren’t seeing a fitting place for themselves in the four focus-projects above, there’s another way. :dizzy:

Getting involved in the peripherals

This document focuses on Amethyst’s “peripheral projects”. By that we mean:

It’s the stuff you can work without needing much of any permission or tight collaboration. These are things that we’d love to see people try to make happen with the game engine, but…

DISCLAIMER: We make no promises that everything will be beautifully laid out for you. You’ll also be building on top of a moving target :passenger_ship:. We’ll of course try our best to minimize disruption, but there’s bound to be some of it.

Don’t care? Outstanding!

Active Peripherals

Terrain editor

ping @norman784 for details.

Tiled integration

ping @Temeez for details


imgui integration



list your project here…

I have a couple more in mind that I’ll edit in later.

Prospective peripherals

demo scenes

Some different ideas for demo scenes have been bounced around in chat. We’ll probably want to come up with a standardised way to make demo scenes, but right now it’s really a free-for-all. Any tightly scoped demonstration of Amethyst’s features - available in source code as well as an executable (for folks like me!) - can serve as a demo at this point, while simultaneously serving as tests. The more the merrier.

Terrain Engine library for Amethyst
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