Plants reproduction system

(Orhan Balci) #1

I was thinking about adding reproductive behavior to plants. After some time they may produce seeds. They may throw their seeds do different directions covering a circular region with radius R. A pollinating agent would be interesting also which will carry the seeds further and drop in areas that they travel.

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(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Yes! The radius spread is definitely the best one to start with.

The second iteration I’d want to try after that would be for seeds to appear in herbivore excrements or carcasses (I.e. herbivore was killed whilst containing plant seeds that had not yet been discharged.

I think for the pollination method we’d want a new type of plant, namely a flower :sunflower:. Obviously we’d want the ixies :honeybee: involved with this. What would be the simplest first iteration of a pollination system?

  • plant has nectar that ixies eat
  • when feeding on nectar, pollen attaches to ixie
  • if plant attracts ixie with pollen on it, plant’s seeds will be fertile

In this system there is not yet a gender divide between flower-plants. As long as a plant is in contact with pollen from another plant, it will become fertilized.

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