Preview for the new Website (Feedback wanted!)

(Hilmar Wiegand) #1

Hey everyone!

I’ve sort of taken over development of the new website, and it’s very close to having the same set of features and content as the old site. I’ve uploaded a preview here to my domain so everyone can have a look.

So, I want to use this thread to gather some feedback on the general styling and the look of the specific pages. The following things are still work in progress:

  1. The contribute and learn pages need texts
  2. The page for blog articles still needs styling
  3. The Latest news post still needs better styling

For a better overview of all the little things that are still missing, you can also have a look at the Website rework trello board. If you want to help with anything directly hit me up and I’ll add you to the board.

With all that in mind, I’m happy to hear your feedback!

P.S.: Shoutout to Ellie, who did 90% of the work and overall design for this!

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(Gray Olson) #2

Some comments

  • I think the headers on the home page should have consistent ‘style’/tense. For example, could be changed to

    • Highly Performant
      • Change style to match other headings
      • I think the picture doesn’t really fit the heading, we should try to get a demo of lots of entities in a scene or something
    • Flexible
      • Can go into both 2d/3d and other areas possibly in comment
    • Reliable
      • Go into safety and rust in comment
  • “Get Started Today” feels a bit too… preachy? Perhaps this is just personal preference, but I think just “Get Started” would be better

  • I think this should be changed in general and not just the website, but make more obvious what “latest release” and “master” have to do with each other. Perhaps

    • Latest *Stable Relase
    • Development
  • Which matches how most game engine projects split their releases. Alternatively, change Development to Nightly to match more closely Rust ecosoystem in general.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

Please make sur our OpenCollective is also featured on the donations page:

Big bonus points :star2: if you could add a simple top menu to Discourse to match the main site:

I have several comments on the copy but I don’t want it to block the release. I’d prefer to circle back to that later.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

I’m planning to create a less developer-focused contribution manual similar to what we do at Discourse.

In the meantime I would just copy the GitHub readme:


We are a community project that welcomes contributions from anyone.

If you’re interested in helping out, please read the contribution guidelines file before getting started.

We have a good first issue category that groups all issues or feature request that can be made without having an extensive knowledge of rust or amethyst. Working on those issues is a good, if not the best way to learn.

If you think you are not ready to code yet, you can still contribute by reviewing code written by other members of the community. In fact, code reviews ensures that the code that gets added to amethyst is of the highest quality as possible. Pull requests available for reviews are here.

If for some reason we don’t have any open PR or good first issues (that would be a good thing), you can look through the issue tracker.

(Michael Leandersson) #5

Maybe replace:
Unleach your imagination with the most powerful community made, data-driven game engine

Unleach your imagination with a powerful community made, data-driven game engine

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #6

Fine suggestion, but let’s keep the branding discussion to a minimum for now so this new website can get released first.

Happy to hear your input here @tripokey:

Only one thing @happenslol Pretty sure you meant “unleash” rather than “unleach”

(Hilmar Wiegand) #7

I didn’t touch that part, but you are quite right :yum:

Looks easy enough. I’ll add it to the todos.

And for the contribution page, I’ll copy the github text for now. I will however look at the possibility of including “good first issue”-tagged issues (and maybe PRs open for review?) from github - I think that’s a cool idea, and it should be rather easy with the github API.

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(doomy) #8

Agree with everything @termhn says. Additionally:

  1. Docs page
    a. I don’t like the ##LATEST_RELEASE_TAG##. Is that a final header, or a placeholder?
    b. I think it should be more clear that there are different versions; sites like do version comparisons pretty well (I can mockup what I mean later today)
    c. “We all need it and so do you” is funny and relatable for most of us, but I think we should opt for a more descriptive subtitle. E.g. “Here you can find API docs, examples, and other resources”.

  2. Homepage
    a. instead of “Get Started Today” perhaps try to answer a question such as “How to Get Started”
    b. “A Stable Foundation” perhaps “Built with a focus on Stability”? Starting with an article doesn’t match the rest of the headers (but this is a super minor thing)
    c. I think the 3d we have is technically very impressive, but aesthetically it’s hard to fit with everything else. Something like what gray said could work, or even mp4 loops (like gifv) could help capture attention
    d. “never encounter unpleasant bugs” this is misleading since logic bugs will always exist. I would specify the kind of bugs rust/amethyst prevents. If you want to give it a marketing twist, you can say “Save time fixing some of the most common game bugs with an expressive language that ensures correctness” or something … Idk I’m not a copywriter haha

Realize I’m being very critical for the sake of catching all the minor stuff. Generally the page looks great and y’all did an awesome job!

(Hilmar Wiegand) #9

I think we need to split this up clearly between marketing related things and design related things. The texts are mostly placeholders and not final, they will definitely need another pass before the website can be released. That being said:

a. The release tag is a placeholder. It will probably hold the version number as well as the wording we decide on for describing the latest version.
b. I would be super duper thankful for a mockup! I’d like to give more “character” to the other pages, instead of having mostly text on differently colored sections.

The homepage feedback is mostly marketing related imo, so I can’t say much about that.