[Rendy] How do you draw to the same frame with multiple pipelines?

(Duncan Fairbanks) #1

I’ve got a 3D render pipeline and a 2D overlay pipeline. I want to just draw the overlay after the 3d one. Do I need separate graphs? I want them to share color and depth buffers.


(Gray Olson) #2

You should make your own RenderGroup implementation which is like SimpleGraphicsPipeline but which has two pipelines and draws them one after the other.

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(Duncan Fairbanks) #3

Thanks! Quick follow up: what are the buffers() and images() methods on the RenderGroupDesc used for? I’m having a hard time understanding this just by reading the code. The SimpleGraphicsPipelineDesc returns empty vecs by default.


(Gray Olson) #4

They define the NodeImages and NodeBuffers that are used by the render group, respectively. They get propagated up through to the Subpass and Pass that are created from the render group.