Shipping Amethyst Games

Hey all :wave:

I shared with a friend that I was making games with Rust and he asked if he could play my latest game. I realized then that I had no idea how to ship a game with Rust. Any suggestions for that?

  • Building for different platforms.
  • Shipping game with assets.
  • Ensuring all linked libraries are avaliable.

I assume I would ship a .zip file with the game’s assets and execution binary – but the devil is in the details!

If anybody has experience or examples of CI piplines that take an Amethyst project and produce useful artifacts I would appreciate it. :smile:

I’ll update the thread with any fruitful experiments. :crossed_fingers:

To finish the story: I ended up running cargo build --release and sending him a zip of my game binary + config dir + assets dir. The game played fine for a bit, but ended up crashing with what I suspect is a linked library error.

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Heya, zipping up the exe and config/assets directories is what I do for my game, and being able to do it automatically is very, very handy.

I have a github action CI workflow (link) that builds my game for Windows and Linux, zips them, and uploads them to (something like Steam).

The scripts that are called live in the scripts directory; hopefully they’re self explanatory.

Hope that helps :v:!