Some Evoli Inspiration From Sandspiel

(Zicklag) #1

I just found this cool little game called Sandspiel on GitHub and though it could be some useful inspiration for things you might want to put in Evoli:

It is a different kind of game than Evoli, but it is still a miniature simulated environment. It is really fun to mess with all of the different elements and see how they react to each-other. You can do stuff as simple as painting a picture with it, or you can try to make the most spectacular explosion you can. Me and my brothers even did a little “challenge” where we had to put the world in a state and try to eradicate the fungus without destroying our little greenhouse at the same time.

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure what you might be able to glean from it for Evoli, but maybe you could add more environmental or elemental simulation to the game along with the more animal-like entities.