Space Menace: Introduction

(Kumar Ankur) #1

A 2D platformer side scrolling action game inspired by classics like Mario and Contra.


The game is based in a sci-fi world. The player is a space marine on a rescue mission to a space station infested with hostile alien species.

Note: Currently, the plot is a little ambiguous. For instance, it’s still not finalized whether it would be a rescue mission or an extermination mission or something else entirely. Also, there is going to be a “Boss” at the end of the level but the details like appearance and attributes of the Boss are yet to be decided. Finalizing these aspects is one of the top priorities for the MVP and any help (plot ideas, suggestions, asset creation, etc.) is most welcome.


These goals might change as the game develops with time.

  • Learn Rust, Amethyst and game development concepts in general.
  • Develop a game which serves as a reference for the implementation of some of the most commonly used concepts in 2D game development using Amethyst.
  • Develop a game which is fun and looks appealing enough to bring in more people to the Rust and Amethyst ecosystem.


  • There is no plan to support multiplayer mode at this point in time.

Current status

Currently, the game has the following features:

  • Basic collision detection (Axis-Aligned Bounding Box)
  • Basic 2D physics, i.e. gravity, acceleration, deceleration, etc.
  • Basic Tiled map support
  • Animation using prefabs
  • Lazy spawning
  • Simple camera motion
  • The main character (Space marine)
  • One enemy type (Pincer)

Note: Even though the above listed features are already implemented, there is lot of scope for improvement.

Future plan

First step is to implement the minimum amount of features required to build one complete level which is playable from start to end and is fun at the same time. For details check the MVP section of the Roadmap


There is still a lot of work to be done and bugs to be fixed before the game reaches a playable state and any and all kinds of contributions are welcome, whether it be feature implementation, bug fix, art assets creation, documentation, issue logging or simply ideas, suggestions and feedback.

Space Menace: Roadmap
Space Menace Sitemap
(Zicklag) #2

That’s cool! I really like the art style so far. Neat to see all of those basic features put together to create the gameplay so far.

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(Kumar Ankur) #3

Thanks @zicklag. Glad you like it.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

I like this feature breakdown :+1: — I need to figure this out for Evoli as well.

For stuff like Basic collision detection, could that be “packaged up” somehow as a documentation artifact? E.g. in a separate topic that links out to the relevant code pieces. Or just an outgoing link to a readme on GitHub with said links.

I just imagine a beginner reading through that feature list would love to know the basic breakdown of how each one of those features are put together.

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(Kumar Ankur) #6

I have had this plan in my mind for a while now, to start writing blog posts which will also serve as tutorials to make 2D games using Amethyst. The tutorial will use code from Dune as examples. But I haven’t got around to working on it yet, as my day job and the game is keeping me busy. I hope to get to it eventually though.

But, I do I like your idea as well. It would be less time consuming and can serve as a good starting point for the blogs as well.

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(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #7

Having topics or GitHub issues/docs with the bare basics could be a good way to tease out the more extensive blog post. With commented code examples a lot of Amethyst users will know “enough to be dangerous”, but will surely benefit from some Q&A with you to understand the complete picture.

Best case scenario, these blog posts will practically write themselves :wink:

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