Space Menace: Roadmap

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This is a very rough roadmap. As of now, no timelines have been decided upon.


For a list of features that are already implemented, have a look at the Current status section of the Introduction. Following is a list of minimum features, essential for one complete playable level, that are yet to be implemented.

  • Flesh out the plot: basic story line and the aim of the player - Story ideas
  • Create “Boss” assets and other missing assets
  • Finalize Boss’s attributes
  • Add at least one more enemy (assets are already there)
  • Perfect the collision system (there is at least one known bug)
  • Parallax
  • Enemy spawning mechanism
  • Complete map design
  • Game mechanics: score, lives
  • Basic audio: game start, game end, gun shot, explosion
  • Load, start, pause and end screens
  • Playable game executable
  • Beginner friendly documentation

Post MVP

All features listed in this section are tentative.

  • Game logo
  • Score dependent on time taken to complete the level (the lesser the time taken the more the score)
  • Consider adding health tracking system and health restoring collectible
  • Consider adding ability to shoot while running and jumping
  • One more level having greater complexity
  • Tougher enemies with new attributes
  • More weapons
  • Game music and other sound effects
  • WASM version
  • Consider integrating nphysics or another alternative
  • Consider integrating rs-tiled, tiled-json-rs or another alternative
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