Story ideas

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

Given that the art assets at your disposal will probably be limited (but excellent) for quite some time, you’ll want to constrain the story to fit that world.

The story could be made basically by listing out all the art assets and creating a story tailor-fitted to that.


  • tank-unit
  • spaceship-unit
  • :heavy_check_mark: space-marine
  • :heavy_check_mark: mech-unit
  • Explosion
  • :heavy_check_mark: cyberpunk-detective
  • bipedal-Unit
  • alien-walking-enemy
  • alien-flying-enemy


  • sci-fi-interior-platform
  • sci-fi-environment-background
  • :heavy_check_mark: cyberpunk-detective-environment
  • :heavy_check_mark: cyberpunk-corridor
  • bulkhead-walls
  • another-world
  • alien-environment

cyberpunk-detective is looking for clues in cyberpunk-detective-environment.

They find a clue that leads them to cyberpunk-corridor. Out of nowhere appears a mech-unit that tries to kill the detective, but the detective outsmarts it (or just karate chops it), destroying it in an Explosion.

Returning to cyberpunk-detective-environment, the detective puts on their space-marine combat suit.

Detective: “It’s time to start investigating” // cocks space-shotgun

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Space Menace: Introduction
Space Menace: Introduction
(Kumar Ankur) #2

Wow! pretty creative stuff! I always thought of the cyberpunk detective assets as the odd one out. I couldn’t fit it into any of the plots that I thought of.

So, how do you think would be best way to show the detective’s story to the players? Should it be like an animated clip just before the game starts?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

The detective vs the mech scene would be normal gameplay like the rest. I believe the detective has a hit animation? He could defeat the mech with that. The fight vs the mech could be made interesting easily enough, for example by having the mech’s attack being ranged but requiring a visible charge-up.

I think until you’ve implemented enough features and interactive content to utilize every single art asset, the only bit of storytelling you need to do is make sure the way the environments and sprites come into play matches the story structure that’s been set up behind the scenes, untold.

Then later you can supplement with simple cutscenes and possibly some dialogue/exclamations,

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Space Menace: Roadmap
(Kumar Ankur) #4

One possible story line that I had in mind:

The story is based in a future where humans have become an intergalactic species. Various planets have been terraformed to make them habitable. One such planet had life thousands of years ago but due to some apocalyptic event all the lifeforms went extinct. At least that is what everyone believed. Turns out that few underground hives of some of the species survived but went into dormancy due to unfavorable conditions. Until the humans terraformed the planet.

The players aim is to: destroy the hive / hives or to help in evacuation.

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(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

I like it! I get the feeling you’ve got some mechanics in mind for this hive.

How about this for a story synopsis then:

The player has been sent to Planet #1313 to investigate what happened to the first settlement group that was sent there.

One small problem though is the amount of human-based assets that are available as enemies in the world.

  • tank-unit
  • spaceship-unit
  • mech-unit
  • bipedal-Unit

How are you gonna make use of all these excellent assets if they’re not gonna be enemies? Maybe one could be controlled by the player as a temporary upgrade (pretty classic platformer move), but that still leaves 3, which is one more than the alien sprites available. Plus I think any of those units (maybe except for the bipedal unit) would make a great first boss encounter.

Human units are under alien mind control maybe? :man_shrugging: with some later pixel tweaks, the enemy vehicles could even be made to look like they have some alien goo/tentacle stuff infecting them, so they look more ominous.

That’d play well with the detective aspects of it as well. “The report said they were attacked by alien life forms, but where are the dead bodies? Hmmm…”

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(Théo Degioanni) #6

This is a nice idea! To make it a tad bit more surprising, maybe the natural extinction event could be described as something like what we are familiar with such as a meteor strike, to be later revealed that the dormant species actually destroyed all living things on the planet. It would also help the player not feel too guilty about killing them all lol.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild accomplishes something like this by attributing a crimson color to Sheikah-made machines (ancient human tech) possessed by Ganon.

(Kumar Ankur) #7

Exactly what I was also thinking. That is why I don’t like my idea that much. Also, my story line is a bit too simple.

Awesome! I love this idea. I think this will work out great! This also addresses the valid point raised by @Moxinilian about the guilt angle.

So just to flesh the story out a bit more:

The players (the detective, may be ex-military) are investigating these cases of missing people from areas around a defunct secret military research establishment. They enter the establishment to look for clues where they encounter aliens. While fighting with them (1st level) they come across the source of the alien appearances, a portal to other planets. This portal belongs to an early network of portals (keeping the option open for other worlds and story lines) built by the military in secret, to travel from one world to another (Humans are an intergalactic species now, inhabiting many terraformed planets and interplanetary travel is commonplace using much advanced network of portals and other means), which was abandoned later on. The aliens are from one of the newly terraformed planets (the terraforming causing the dormant life forms to become active), planet #1313, which is one of the largest military bases (this will explain the enemy military units). Turns out that these aliens have mind controlling abilities and are building their own army which also includes the human army unit on planet #1313. To expand their army they are also kidnapping humans from other planets using the old portal network.

The players report this to the military. Military says that there is no way to close the malfunctioning portal from earth. Only way to close it is from the control room on the source planet. They get picked (or volunteer) to go on a mission to close the portal / exterminate the aliens (2nd level).

This utilizes almost all the assets and fills all the plot holes in my opinion. Few concerns here though. One is that this increases the scope of the MVP as all the work done till now is relevant to the 2nd level. Another concern is that this might require many new assets or modification to existing assets.

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Space Menace: MVP Specification