Suggestions for Website Improvements

(doomy) #1

Hey there,

Part of my dayjob is identifying areas of friction in regards to application user experience, and I’d like to apply some of that experience to our site. I have a couple of suggestions for our current layout.

I’d like to keep this thread in the future in case I have some more suggestions, too.

Now is also a good time to remind y’all that I keep a (mostly) up-to-date copy of our site designs on Figma here. All people with the link can view it, and Amethyst members can edit it when signed in with their email.


I have compiled all of our current main pages in a document (similar to InVision if you’ve used that, but free). Unfortunately it doesn’t allow for easy sharing via link, so please send a request to view if you’d like it (you can do so after logging into a non org email). If you have an amethyst-org email, you can view it without permissions.

Click any screen, and then click the “comments” button (or press C) to see my thoughts. Please feel free to add your own! I think annotation is a great way to brainstorm improvements before needing to iterate on actual designs.

(OvermindDL1) #2

Doesn’t seem to be public?

(doomy) #3

If you send me a request I will approve ASAP! Sorry, this is a limitation of gallery.

(OvermindDL1) #4

Sent request, they really should fix that usability issue… ^.^;